Meet Katie-Ryan

Katie-Ryan Fotiadis

Intentional Photographer & Videographer


First name: Katie-Ryan

Last name: Fotiadis (FOH-tee-AH-dis)


Howdy, I'm Katie-Ryan and am truly looking forward to joining your birth team!  

Why I Am a Birth Photographer

In 2017, my sister asked me to be with her for her first birth and to bring my new-to-me camera to get a few pictures while I was there.  Slight issue - I was also new to photography, learning my camera, and trying to figure out what I liked to shoot.  Little did I know that I would instinctively go into birth photographer mode and quietly hold the space for the immense honor of capturing and reflecting the embodiment, beauty, power, connection, tenderness, perseverance, courage, and love of those precious moments back to her and her husband - with photos.  I  was able to show her the things that she wouldn't later remember on her own:  her strength, her endurance, her power, her love, the support of her spouse, the joy, relief, and awe in their faces the moment they got to meet their daughter. It changed my life!  That was it; I found what I loved to shoot!  Luckily for me, I got the opportunity to do it again a year later.


If this sounds like the vision you have for your birthing experience, let's chat!

What else should you know?

I'm a member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers and a Certified Birth Photographer through Birth Becomes You - I honor its Code of Ethics.  Not all birth photographers have gone the extra mile to pursue certification or continuing education; it is important to me because the BBY certifying organization believes in celebrating the experience of birth "through educational resources, empowering imagery, and a positive and uplifting community. By serving birth photographers, birth workers and birthing people we aim to make birth in the world visible. We believe in an absence of shame, and where fear is translated into power and each person’s experience is honored as valid."

 I also pursue continuing education regularly and am currently undertaking doula training to have a deeper understanding of birth - which will help me be an even better birth photographer!

I have a natural tendency to hold space for vulnerability, I'm ordained to perform weddings and other celebratory rituals, people often tell me their life stories in checkout lines, and I've heard more than once, "I should send you a check for the therapy!"


Why should I hire a birth photographer?

Your birth story matters and it deserves to be documented!  

Feel seen, supported, empowered, and celebrated during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. 

Preserve the timeless images of the once-in-a-lifetime and powerful experience of bringing life earthside.

Time standing still at the very moment you meet the newest love of your life!

Enable your partner to be fully present at the birth and supporting you.

Birth photography helps you remember the often forgotten moments and to remember the details, as well as to process and encompass your birth story experience.

Receive gorgeous and powerful hand-edited images by a professional.

Capture your strength!

Birth photography is a unique art, as births are unpredictable and can happen at any time!  Because of that, I limit the clients I take each month so that I can go on-call (available 24/7) for you from 38 weeks until your baby is born, be with you through your birth, and the golden hour after (~1-2 hours after birth).  On-call means that my photography bag and snacks are packed with all my gear and charged batteries, I'm not traveling, childcare is arranged, my phone is on, it may be a holiday, there is no set shooting date or time and no do-overs, and I'm ready to go when you call! 

Birth is one of the most challenging environments to photograph.  The creative angles needed, knowledge of the birthing process and space, and working in awkward light situations is challenging for photographers in other genres, let alone friends or family.  My experience, training, and certification has taken time to learn birth, how to photograph in near dark, awful yellow hospital lighting, and operating rooms.  Many birthing people like to labor in the dark and I have special equipment to accommodate low light situations.  

Do you offer videography?

Yes, I have options for videography!  Check out the services & investment page for details.

Do you have payment plans?

I sure do!  I’m happy to offer a payment plan for any birth package that suits the needs of your family.  I also offer discounts when booking multiple services.  Some packages are already listed, but I love to customize packages as well!

The initial payment to retain services is $750 or 50% - whichever is less.

Birth Photography: the remaining balance of your payments will be divided up until around your 36 week gestation date/your due month.  

Maternity/Postpartum/Nursing/Day In the Life/Baby Journey: the remaining balance of your payments will be divided up until the week before your booking date.

Can I set up a birth story as a baby registry for my loved ones to contribute to

Can I treat my loved one to a birth story gift?

Absolutely and what an incredible gift!  Contact me and we'll get this set up.

How soon do I need to book?

As soon as you know that you want a birth photographer and know your estimated delivery date. Due to being on call at 38 weeks, as well as the nature and unexpected timing with childbirth, I only book a limited amount of births each month.  So, securing your due date month is essential.

How are my images delivered?

Packages include editing and high resolution digital files for you to download.  Some of my birth packages offer albums.

Each birth story is unique so, while there is not a quote for a specific number of images that I give, you can expect that the images are going to capture your unique and special birth story, as well as those first precious moments with your child, that your family will treasure for years to come.  Typically, that is ~150 images.  My goal is to share the images that tell your story best; some images look better in color and others in black & white.  

How does the process work?

We will chat about your birth plan and vision for your birth story.  We'll also talk about the logistics of when to call me during labor and how to keep me updated leading up to labor.  Once labor starts, you'll keep me updated so I know when you're ready for me to come to you - typically around active labor, although we are in touch a LOT before hand.  I'll be there to document your birth story quietly, professionally, and intentionally unobtrusive as part of your chosen birth team, stay 1-2 hours after the baby is here to capture that golden hour of meeting your baby, & their sweet little details such as little toes, breast/chest feeding, and even siblings meeting the new baby.  Then, I will work on editing your images/video (depending on the package you have selected) and deliver to you through a private, online gallery for you to download.

Where do you work?

Intentional Birth Stories serves Louisville, Southern Indiana, Lexington, and the surrounding areas documenting births at hospitals, birth centers, home births, gentle cesareans, NICU stories, surrogacy stories, and much more!   Every birth story is worth remembering; your story is beautiful anywhere and anyway it unfolds. 

Do you have backup?

Yes!  As a professional and certified birth photographer, I work with a wonderful backup (who happens to be doula trained also) in the rare case I were to have illness or emergency that prevents me from being at your birth. 

But, what if the baby comes fast or you miss the birth?!?!  Good communication is so important!  I rely on you to help me determine when it is best to come to your birth space. While I do need some buffer time to get to you, if the baby happens to come very fast, that is a unique part of your birth story.  There is no fault or blame for either of us; I'll be there as soon as I can so that I can still take photos and document as your story unfolds!  I also have alternatives in place such as setting up a Fresh 48 or Herbal Bath session to replace what might have been missed in the event of a precipitous birth.  

Can you share some resources with me?

Absolutely!  Here are some resources to get you started.  Don't see what you need?  Let me know how I can help.

Intentional Birth Stories is a safe space for ALL types of families and birth stories to be welcomed and supported. LGBTQIA+ friendly and Transgender Safe Space.  Black lives matter.

Intentional Birth Stories is a Woman &  LGBTQIA+ owned business by a first generation college graduate and daughter of an immigrant.