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Birth Services

Photography / Videography


On call 24/7 from 38-42 weeks 

Coverage during active labor/birth

~ 1-2 hours postpartum (Golden Hour)

Private  gallery

Birthing person emotionally overcome at seeing their baby for the first time.

Birth Photography

Photography Only


Hands cutting an umbilical cord.

Birth Videography

Video Only


Golden Hour / Fresh 48


Soft call from 38-42 weeks

Private gallery

Newborn baby hand wrapped around birthing person's finger.

Golden Hour Session

Individual Session

Occurs within 4 hours of birth

~ 1-2 hours postpartum


Mother with baby on the changing table while young girl watches beside her.

Fresh 48 Session

Individual Session

Occurs 24-48 hours after birth & at hospital or home

~1 hour


Heirloom quality prints and albums available for ordering.

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Herbal Bath Pregnancy & Postpartum


Underwater Pregnancy




Breastfeeding a newborn.


Breast/Chest Feeding


Baby looking into the camera with one month decorative placard in the forefront.

Baby Journey

Milestones in the first year


6 year old child delighting at holding the newborn baby.

Day in the Life


Heirloom quality prints and albums available for ordering.


Only available for birth photography/videography services



Announcement Video for Social Media


Social Friendly Birth Video


Popular Packages

Custom packages available!

*Prices do not include KY Sales Tax

Remembrance photography offered at no cost.  If you'd like to donate to this cause, please reach out.

Serving Louisville, Southern Indiana, Lexington, and the surrounding areas.  

This is a safe space for ALL types of families and birth stories to be welcomed and supported. 

LGBTQIA+ friendly and Transgender Safe Space.

Intentional Birth Stories is a Woman-Owned, LGBTQIA+ Owned Business.